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Price Increase 5/01/2012

  Let me introduce ourselves.  I am Eileen Mullins (ceramic teacher and greenware production since 1978) and my son Charles Livingston (in charge of Slip production and assisting in greenware production).  I worked at Purdue University for 45 years retiring in 2001, to care for my mother.   Charles has worked as a maintance man for over 20 years with different companies in the the production of concrete block products.  
  We  purchased the recipe and equipment to produce the Hoosier Premium Ceramic Casting Slip from Debbie & Mark Waldo in 2006.  
  In 2008 we were informed by our talc manufacturer they would stop producing the product we used in our recipe.  That September  of 2008 we purchased two semi-truck load of the talc.  We used the last of that in March 2012.  We have tested several other products and made a decision to go with a new talc manufactured in Montana. 
   Our new slip takes longer to acquire a good firm wall, and after firing the bisque is off white.   My students are not having any problems cleaning or using our new greenware.
  Our policy regarding slip purchases: All purchases are accumulative.  If your first purchase is 50 gal., you pay the 50 gal. price.  The next time you purchase 50 gal. (which added to the previous purchase equals 100 gal.), you pay the 100 gal price,  the next purchase you buy 100 gal. (which added to your previous purchases equals 200 gal.) you pay the 200 gal. price, etc.

  •  Effective 4/20/2012 the cost of delivery will be changed to $20.00 plus $.75 a mile due rising costs.

Quantity           2 Gal. Cartons        2 Gal. Buckets    4 Gal. Buckets
  2 -  24 gals.$5.95 gal.  $5.10 gal.           $5.00 gal.
 26 -  48 gals.       $5.75 gal.   $4.95 gal.           $4.85 gal.
  50 – 98 gals.       $5.55 gal.   $4.85 gal.          $4.70 gal.
100 – 158 gals.    $5.35 gal.   $4.75 gal.           $4.55 gal.
160 – 198 gals.    $5.15 gal.   $4.65 gal.           $4.40 gal.
 200 - 298 gals.    $4.95 gal.             $4.55 gal.                     $4.35 gal.
300 + gals.  $4.90 gal.   $4.40 gal            $4.30 gal.

  All buckets are lined with a poly bag for cleanliness.  You can bring your own bucket or purchase  buckets @ $2.50 each.  We have buckets on hand in 2 & 4 gallon sizes.  You can help us keep the prices low by returning your buckets clean.   When calling for slip, please let us know if you have your own buckets.  We will package the slip in our buckets and your buckets will go into the current supply for the next purchase.

   Cardboard prices continue to increase.  This is why the box price for slip increases more than the bucket price. 
* 2 or  4 gallon buckets available only when you have an equal number of 2 or 4 gallon buckets to exchange.

We DO NOT accept Debit or Credit Cards due to the extra expenses.  Cash or Check is preferred.

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Charles T. Livingston