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Until we get pictures of the molds we have available you will be able to see a list of molds available in a spreadsheet format.  Click on the THSHOPMolds icon to download or view the listing, this will take some time as there are over 5000 molds.  The list contains the Mold Company, Mold Number, a short description, greenware, bisque and finished product prices.

4/27/2012 - Due to rising Slip Costs the prices on the spreadsheet are out of date.  I will correct them as soon of possible.

Greenware can NOT be shipped, but can be picked up at our studio.

Shipping on bisque and finished ware will be added to the cost.

We started with about 5000 plus molds.  We have done an inventory of molds we obtained from ICS in Indianapolis in October 2006 and several other businesses at our Oxford, IN warehouse.  I currently have 33000 molds on my computer 

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